The Anatomy of Liberation

Why anatomy? Liberation is not without structure. Liberation is not a field in which "we" meet without "them." Ending oppression means creating a new structure that will ultimately support all within it. While we may equate liberation with freedom, it is a freedom within a framework of interdependence and inter-relatablility, just like nature.

Anatomy speaks not only to structure but also to the body as blueprint and base for all change, as map and playground and feedback machine, as the most intimate structure individuals create with patterns. The physical body can represent and enact all other bodies: social, political, ancestral, ecological.

Anatomy is layered and complex, and our understanding of it is ever-evolving. It is the science of living tissue, of what can be seen and what cannot. There is no part of the body that functions in isolation. Personal and collective suffering thrive on a destructive cocktail of individualism, intellectualism, and independence. We have elevated the self and the mind above all else. It's time to occupy the body, to develop a keen awareness of ourselves as infinite nesting dolls of patterns of relationship, from the cellular to the universal and back again. We are part of the network, and we are the network.

We change patterns in order to change structures, from the micro level at the personal body to the macro level at the planetary body. Top-down methods of change are necessary, but they remain ineffective and incomplete if the patterns of behavior within the structure have not altered. Without bottom-up change, it's likely that time will recreate the same oppression in a new form. We see this play out in myriad ways at every level: smoking cessation jumpstarting new addictive behaviors, remarrying but having the same fights, hiring new staff but maintaining toxic workplace culture, an inability to integrate those euphoric retreat feelings back into your daily life, or new governments via vote or coup who turn out to be as corrupt as their predecessors.

To change the structures around us, we must alter the patterns between us. Embodiment is essential. Embodied action is unstoppable. Speaking our truth is important. Conflict fluency is powerful. Personal sovereignty is beautiful. Collective liberation is why we are here.

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