Clown for People Pleasers

an online course

A participatory process using clown, movement, and improvisational theatre as self-investigation on the path toward authentic expression and interpersonal integrity 

Are you a people pleaser? Do you want people to like you and be happy, even if it comes at a personal cost? Do you act from a place of co-dependency or even manipulation because controlling situations through niceness is an effective method for you? Do you change your style of communication, gesture, and expression in order to make others comfortable? Do you routinely sacrifice what you want for what someone else wants? Or maybe you used to do some of this and are now in "recovery"?

Well, let's get to it then. This isn't clown for entertainment or even for performance. This is clown (among other modalities) as method of personal attention, self-investigation, and change. No, you won't need a red nose. 


In this course, we work together to create opportunities for:

-saying no

-being seen

-toggling between pleasing other and pleasing self

-rehearsing conflict without relinquishing your position

-creating a character that is decidedly not a people pleaser

-going against the crowd

-finding where your pleasure lives inside you

-role playing boredom and annoyance

....all through embodied play, which means we are creating new neural pathways that link safety and fun with integrity, authentic self-expression, self-love, pleasure, and relational agency. 

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how it works:

This class is run via Zoom and requires live attendance

due to the nature of the material.

Saturday and Sunday 4:30pm-7pm Central European Time

January 8/9, 2022

Space is limited.

Cost: 100 USD