An online workshop

for e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y

Conflict Theatre

​Working with conflict through applied theatre practices creates a laboratory environment that can help us begin to:

  • develop our personal toolkits to navigate conflict

  • become more fluent in the language of conflict

  • learn that conflict is not something to fear

  • learn to feel shared power versus domination/retreat

  • get curious about how our bodies react to discomfort

  • become less stuck in our habitual responses 

  • lean into novelty and spontaneity as internal resources

  • become actors instead of re-actors


Curiosity plus practice plus novelty plus community equals a changed world

Join me in exploring conflict and our relationship to it via applied theatre practices such as image theatre and forum theatre, as well as through movement, metaphor, play, and presence. We humanize all parties because, as David Diamond says, oppressors are not aliens. We grow oppressors in our own communities. Often, we are or have been oppressors ourselves. In Conflict Theatre, we uphold desires as valid and seek to develop a conflict toolkit via rehearsal that is respectful of those desires. Similarly, our focus is not on diffusion and non-violence as the answer to every problem. We are not studying strategies of peace; rather, we are engaging with possibility in our expression of agency. It is rigorous and sometimes difficult work, but it is worth it. For me, the benefits have been immeasurable. Let's do the work of changing the chemistry of this planet, one conflict at a time. 

(Wait - it's fun, too. Promise.)

Zoom - live attendance only

Multiple dates, sold separately:

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Sunday, January 16, 2021

Saturday, February 12, 2021

4pm-7pm Central European Time

65 USD per workshop