Welcome to Mythosomatics, a field of overlapping and interwoven ideas, practices, and layers of meaning. In Mythosomatics, we move:
-beyond regulation and into creation
-beyond safety and into risk
-beyond body connection and into synthesis of self
-beyond healing and into building
-beyond connection and into solidarity
-beyond passive object and into active subject
-beyond the visible and into the unseen, the imagined, the impossible, the infinite
This is a facilitator training is for coaches, therapists, activists, artists, and changemakers who already have experience in working at the level of the body. This is not a foundational somatics course. You will need previous training and experience. This training also requires that you have developed a substantial personal practice of embodiment and/or presence and have access to sufficient internal/external resourcing to handle and facilitate an advanced somatics practice.
Mythosomatics blends and bends elements of Social Presencing Theater, Theatre of the Oppressed, neurodevelopmental repatterning, improvisation, play, consciousness studies, movement frameworks, and embodiment practice. You will learn how to help people shift social/relational fields, tune into the social body, lay the collective onto the personal and vice versa, use the self as a space of metaphor, and create interpersonal somatics practices for couples, families, and communities. You will learn how play, improvisation, theater, demechanization, and creative artistry relate to consciousness, agency, and healthy relational ecology. You will learn how to take an issue or pattern of behavior and make it physical/somatic/visible in order to work with it in a tangible and mutable space of reflection, witnessing, and dynamization. You will learn how to offer embodied rehearsal space for your clients to practice new ways of being and behaving.
MYTHOSOMATICS FACILITATOR TRAINING {LEVEL ONE} is a -hour group training offered via Zoom. You will be expected to complete assignments and to facilitate your own Mythosomatics session in order to qualify for certification.
**Please note that this training does not in any way qualify you to work with clients in a psychotherapeutic capacity.**