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Dance of the Radicals

an online workshop 

Give revolutionary ideas the dance floor.

Welcome, friend. This workshop is a chance to bring what's radical into the somatic space. What is considered radical in capitalist society? A whole bunch of good stuff:


  • solidarity ("How can we work together? How can we run the same risks?")

  • dishabituation ("How is my action mechanized - from habit, from self-protection, from fear?")

  • interdependence ("How can we need each other?")

  • dialectics ("How can I align myself with the rhythm of change?")

  • reflexivity ("How can I become self-aware?")

  • presence ("How can I align myself with vertical time? How can I risk not knowing?")

  • co-creation ("How can we create something larger than the sum of our parts?")

It's one thing to think on, learn about, and imagine into these ideas. It's another thing altogether to practice them, to rehearse them, to dance them, to feel them. 

In Dance of the Radicals, we do exactly that using practices from Theatre of the Oppressed and Social Presencing Theater, as well as my own movement methods. I have curated these four hours to introduce you to the following themes:

feeling group consciousness

developing social sensitivity and presence

becoming attuned to the social field

generating something-from-nothing

valuing the undervalued

becoming an active subject in your own narrative

finding agency from aesthetics

witnessing other and witnessing the self

working with novelty as resource

demechanizing how we move, sense, and create

befriending flow and stuck

Taking personal and social investigation to the expressive and experiential space lays a strong foundation for a deeper understanding of your relationship to these issues, a future recognition of activism-in-action, a whole-person alignment around values, an ability to investigate unconscious blocks to liberation, and an increased capacity/resourcing for changing your own patterns.

Talk is cheap. This is praxis, baby. Turn off the noise, and let's dance.

December 5, 2021
4pm-8pm Central European time

99 USD

deadline: November 10