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Did you learn at an early age to conflate safety with obedience, acceptance with conformity, or familial stability with your own silence? Do you still have difficulty disobeying explicit or implicit rules, even when it's clear that your values dictate you do so?

Are you someone dedicated to developing your social bravery, magnifying your experience of relational agency, and getting good'n'comfy with your natural sense of nonconformism?

And do you wish to apply these traits beyond your personal healing and into the spaces of communal, social, or planetary change?
Then read on!

It can be hard to step fully into the role of changemaker if you struggle with the vestiges of safety-through-obedience. If you learned that being "good" and doing what is expected of you is your ticket to being loved, then you might struggle to say your BIG NO or to stand up for your values and risk being rejected for them - or for being you. 


Change requires disrupting systems, embracing what is emergent, and being willing to be the outlier. To interrupt acts of oppression, speak up in a conflict, break from convention, or even just exist in the world as you wish to exist - these require the faculty of disobedience.

Now it must be said that the faculty of disobedience is not simply the ability to indiscriminately break rules. There is hardly a difference between obeying everything and disobeying everything. Being fluent in the language of disobedience requires discernment, self-awareness, and a robust felt sense of agency.

We are a conflict-averse people and until we become intimate with the moment of dissent and how to navigate it through choice, we may ultimately serve the very systems we wish to dismantle.

Embodied rehearsal, which is practice through play, is an effective way to demechanize our well-worn behavioral patterns, diffuse perceived threat, create new neural pathways that link pleasure with disobedience, and help us find new rhythms of relating steeped in flexibility, curiosity, and integrity.

101 Ways: Embodied Disobedience for Changemakers is a 7.5 hour online course that provides a space to practice being disobedient in ways that are playful, low-risk, and collaborative.



shaking loose our point of contact with our own disobedience; make fun of it and with it


exploring our relationship to obedience; finding the somatic expression of our nonconformist selves


improvisation to practice navigating dissent, conflict, and disobedience in relational scenarios

Taking this work into the embodied space of movement, sensation, play, and role play provides opportunity for insight to emerge from direct experience, makes visible our internal struggles, and deepens and amplifies the impact of the work.


We live in a world that needs people who can act with courage and conviction in accordance with their values. We need to learn to find safety in following our internal compass, not in following the crowd. How can we serve the planet and steward the future if we are paralyzed by conflict and busy squeezing ourselves into rules that cannot contain our longing? 


If you feel so called, come rehearse the rebellion. In big and small ways. Upside down and backwards. Finding the way that leads to life and not limitation. With humor, with curiosity, with each other.



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***Please note that this course is not appropriate for people who experience chronic dysregulation and/or struggle with chronic dissociation, nor is it appropriate for people unfamiliar with or inexperienced in somatic work. This course is inherently risky in nature and is not overtly trauma-sensitive. Thank you for understanding.

“I'm going to get in so much trouble, and strangely, I'm looking forward to it. I feel a permission to be naughty without facing any harsh consequences of being so. I feel a sense of many choices and just a broader definition of disobedience in my body. The binary is so restrictive. Thank you, Laura. Looking forward to taking part in more such workshops.” 

-Reshmi Sahadevan, past participant in Embodied Disobedience