Come fool with me!

Fooling is an improvisational art form that is also not an improvisational art form and also more than an improvisational art form. The fool is not a character to try on (a roll) nor even a character to discover (a clown), and the fool may or may not be, well, foolish, as the word is commonly used. Like all the very best things in life, the space of the fool is transparent and slippery. The fool is the voice that appears as a lightning rod of personal authenticity, relational intimacy, and universal life force.

Fooling cannot be accessed by the parts of me who can write this text nor the parts of you who can comprehend it. You mostly have to feel it - dream it - do it.

This is work/play that lasts a lifetime and fuels a life.

In this workshop, we focus on fooling as a spiritual and somatic practice, which means we experience fooling less in the context of performance and more as a method of personal discovery, expansion, and liberation. Fooling opens us to themes of identity, cloaking, archetype, divine connection, awe, quantum play, the twin effect, trust, and presence. It opens us to the possibility of being alive - like alive alive. And I help integrate and ground those wild themes in the amazing miracle of your fleshy, sensory, somatic space.

so yeah.

If part of you is reeling with recognition, lit up with curiosity, eager to melt the layers of protective separation that surround you, exhausted by the weight of your own seriousness, or JUST KNOW that there is something here for you, then say yes and sign up. Your fool is most welcome.

Some of what you can look forward to:

-embodied play

-sensory-based improvisation

-relationship between archetype, energy, and self

-structure vs content

-giving voice to presence

-dissolving layers of separation

-exploring the empty space

-connecting to the nothing/everything

Sunday, July 17 on Zoom

4pm-8pm Central European Time (3pm London, 10am New York, 7am Seattle)

88 USD (44 USD for current private clients)

“Laura's course has changed my life. It sounds cliched but it's true. I feel like parts of me that were asleep or dormant have been awakened, old emotions are being cleared, and I am now safe to express things that I've held inside."

-June Morrow

"Laura has an incredible ability to help you shift inside. Through what seems like simple exercises, she helps bring about insights, healing and expression as you’ve never experienced it before. Thank you for giving me the gift of discovering my voice, me, again. The door is now open for me to take this journey of breaking through the layers to be visible as the authentic and true me."

-Tanya Lochner