All postpartum parents, regardless of gender, are welcome to this class, including parents who are in the postpartum period but also have older children.

Postpartum Embodiment Theatre is not a traditional performance space; instead, it is theatre in the sense that we are creating opportunities to make visible what we cannot see and be witnessed doing so. 

One aim of this class is to connect you, via your body, to the social body of the other parents in the class, the collective body of postpartum parents across the world, and the ancestral body of all the parents who came before you. How can your body enact and overlap with those other bodies?

Another aim is to validate, vitalize, and bring artistry to the everyday caregiving movements you make with your body. How can you and the other class participants recognize and appreciate that your labor is valuable?

A final aim is discovery. What does your body have to say about where you are now and where you'd like to be? What insight can movement and shape provide about any stuckness you may be experiencing? What insight can movement and shape provide about how to move from your stuckness into more flow, resilience, and resourcing?


 The material in this workshop is educational and experiential but not psychotherapeutic or intervention-based. I derive much of the material from elements of Theatre of the Oppressed and Social Presencing Theater. This workshop will not be recorded for distribution, so you will need to attend live.

Please wear clothing you can move in.

Date: June 5

Time: 4pm-6pm CET (10am-12pm ET)

Location: Zoom

Cost: 45 USD

Sliding scale available as needed.


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