Welcome to our monthly Zoom gatherings to practice ALL THE THINGS!

The biggest feedback I get from my workshops and courses is that people want more time to work with the material, especially in an ongoing way. Not only do the practices I offer have great depth and massive potential for insight and reflection, they are most effective when practiced, when repetition creates new rhythms and beneficial neural pathways. Because my work is experiential, dynamic, and relational, it is always fresh and never the same twice.

what kinda stuff?
conflict theatre, improvisation, movement, image theatre, shape work, myth reenactment, relational somatics, foundational clown, embodied collaboration

for what?
developing conflict fluency, becoming an active subject rather than a passive object, comfort with failure, rehearsing disobedience, learning to have agency over your reactivity, finding your fool, loving novelty and unpredictability, leaning into your own embodied knowledge and wisdom, increasing somatic capacity for solidarity

for whom?
open to everyone, drop-in style
{current private clients attend for free}

the fourth Wednesday of every month
8:45pm-10pm Central European Time

how much?
35 USD