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Ritual Somatics

in-person training • Toronto • June 21-24 2023

Welcome to a training that has been a couple of years in the making! I'm thrilled to be bringing it to Toronto this summer. ❤️AND ACTUALLY SHARE PHYSICAL SPACE WITH YOU ❤️

Ritual Somatics is the joining of the mythical, magical, liminal expressions of humanity with current ideas of embodiment, somatic practice, body connection, body consciousness, and presence to create an experience that:


-interweaves the collective and the personal

-interweaves the physical and the poetic

-moves us from safety to risk and back again

-moves me from I am to I do to I can


and plays on the edge of reality and imagination to invite space within what is here for what is longing to come.


Communal, expressive ritual practices like puppetry, mask, play, song, and myth are the building blocks of our DNA. These ancient ways of poetic materiality (knowing) are particularly adept at providing a safe container for our awareness while opening a doorway to our becoming, never requiring more of us than we can tolerate feeling. These expressions are our innate intermediaries. They are the lifeblood of being human.


Mainstream body-based practice centers the self over relationality and frequently omits space for ritual, spirituality, imagination, and play. ​Our one-sided focus on establishing order through a concretization of self means that what is “unreal” or abstract becomes at best unnecessary and at worst a threat. We do need structure and order. We do need supportive, reliable internal rhythms. We do need to come back to self, to what is present and real and here right now, detaching from the stories we have built that cloud our vision. And we are a people in need of meaning.


One might argue that meaning is beyond the scope of somatics and as such is right to be excluded. But the holy and inescapable truth is that my body is your body is the social body is the planetary body is the ancestral body is the universal body. 


Ritual interpenetrates them all. 


This Ritual Somatics training will immerse you in the ancient and collaborative rituals of song, puppetry, mask, play, myth, and movement, all firmly seated in the context of the fleshy experience of being alive together.


For teachers, facilitators, coaches, performers, therapists, and space holders of all kinds. For somatics professionals who long to include expressive ritual in their work. For people who want to be around people to whom this material matters. For those invested in their own personal development. For the curious. For the open-hearted. For the dreamers.

Some of the themes we will cover include:


-where ritual meets the body

-how to establish connections with the time self and the timeless self

-how to move and work within metaphor

-how to integrate and bridge back

-therapeutic limitations and boundaries

-moving from fact to fiction and fiction to fact

-the features of ritual practice that promote safety

-the whys and hows of ritual somatics within puppetry, myth, mask, song, and play

-embodied collaboration

​Space for this training is very limited. 

We will meet as a group via Zoom once before the training and once after.

Trinity-St. Paul's Centre (dance studio), Toronto, Ontario

Wednesday, June 21 3:30pm-6:30pm

Thursday, June 22 9:30am-5pm

Friday, June 23 9:30am-5pm

Saturday, June 24 9:30am-5pm

Cost is 800 CAD (approx 590 USD)

Early bird pricing is 685 CAD and ends March 31.

Current private clients attend at half price.

Questions? Scroll down and ask!

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