Sacred Somatics for Couples:
Facilitator Training

Become a facilitator of Sacred Somatics for Couples and confidently hold space and catalyze change for adults in loving relationships. I have worked with over a hundred couples in this modality, and I find this work particularly rewarding, humbling, and meaningful. This training is perfect for coaches, counselors, movement professionals, circle leaders, yoga teachers, and community workers who have experience working with awareness-based movement and would like to apply their knowledge to relational spaces and understand exactly how to design practices to help couples see and assess their patterns, access their own problem solving intelligence, increase their ability to be present with each other, tune into their field of co-creation, and actually have fun and be silly together. 

The major themes of Sacred Somatics for Couples are:

1) dishabituation and risk

2) intimacy and safety

3) awareness and presence

4) dynamization and creativity

-You will learn more than three dozen practices including:

movement, image theatre, voicework, posture and gesture, dual awareness, touch, spiritual and devotional, somatic inquiry and metaphor, play and game, listening dynamics, ritual, boundary/space negotiation, and conflict rehearsal

-You will learn how to design hour-long private sessions, as well as how to design an arc of sessions for one couple. Workshop and group activity will be covered, as well as how to best manage in-person practices via Zoom.

-The live training is 16 hours in total, and you will be expected to complete homework assignments and document the facilitation of your own session of Sacred Somatics for Couples by end of October 2021 in order to complete this training.

-Live attendance is encouraged but not mandatory. You may watch the recordings, but it is essential to keep up with the material from week to week and to participate in group discussions in order to complete this training as a facilitator. Participation in addition to the live training is estimated at 2-3 hours per week. I will be accessible and available for reflections and questions in the FB group. 

-Training is delivered via Zoom, and discussion takes place via a private Facebook group. 

-BONUS: You gain lifetime access to my online self-paced course, Polyvagal Partnership.

-PLEASE NOTE: This is not a foundational somatics course. You will need some degree of experience/training in embodiment and/or presence-based movement, as well as developed your own personal capacity for experiencing deep work. Furthermore, this training does not qualify you to work psychotherapeutically in any way.


July 8, 15, 22, and 29

5-9pm Central European Time

Cost: 599 USD

Please apply here.