Somatic Date Night Laura Geiger

Somatic Date Night

an online workshop

A date night like no other.

This is my favorite work. It is an enormous privilege to be able to witness couples connecting to each other via an active and living relational field that they have created together. To watch them giggle, to see them relax into each other's bodies, to hold space for them to make visible their interpersonal patterns, and to help them lay the groundwork for new ways of relating? It thrills me to no end.

So I hope you will join me for an evening to do exactly that. 

At Somatic Date Night, we seek resonance as the basis for empathy, body awareness as a cornerstone of healthy relationship between self and other & self and environment, biological cues of safety as the invitation toward nervous system reorientation, balance as the foundation for non-judgment and cooperation, play as a window to spontaneous pleasure and dishabituation, and creative improvisation as a step toward meaning-making, intuitive connection, and the unlocking of the spiritual self in relationship.

We create an embodied rehearsal space for the dynamics we wish to magnify: conflict fluency, the balancing of needs, problem solving, teamwork, support, presence, satisfaction, and boundaries. We will move a lot, maybe dance a little (don't worry), maybe sing a little (don't freak out), talk, work with improvisation, and use cross-spectrum somatic influences from Laban to Boal.

Plus we act silly and have fun.

how it works:

You and your partner are together - in the same room. You join other couples on Zoom from around the world, and you all have the benefit of having a facilitator (me!) take you through a variety of activities for a few hours. Maybe you'll do things that you would never dream of doing if there weren't someone asking you to try. I will not put you in anything extreme or overtly stressful, but practicing novelty and not-knowing reap high-level benefit in partnership. We will start small and build in depth.

Live attendance is not mandatory. Class will be recorded and sent to registrants via email.

Preparation suggestions (space requirements, materials, etc.) will be sent prior to the workshop.

Cost: 76 USD per couple

Sunday, November 28

6pm-8:30pm Central European Time