Somatic Nonviolence

an online course

Learn the tools to help create the internal and interpersonal biological foundations of nonviolence

What you will learn:

-how to increase personal capacity for discomfort and intense emotion
-how to develop conflict fluency and interrupt patterns of violence escalation
-how to create environments that promote belonging and safety
-how neurodevelopmental patterns improve foundations for peace in the nervous system
-how creative drama helps us solve problems in the present, as well as engage in embodied rehearsal for the future
-how applied theatre functions to validate individual and collective experience
-specific ways to apply rhythm, novelty, play, and aesthetics to the pursuit of nonviolence
-how we use energy modulation and boundary work to increase safety
-suggestions for props that help cultivate collaboration, cooperation, and empathy


how it works:

We meet on Zoom for 2.5 hours every two weeks for three classes.

CLASS ONE: neurobiological foundations for flexibility (a strong me)

CLASS TWO: connection and belonging without high defense (a strong we)

CLASS THREE: reaction/response toolkit within conflict (a strong us in conflict)


It is NOT mandatory to attend live, although your experience will be deepened by doing so. You will be sent a link to the recording after the class.

**Please note that violence at the macro or systemic level (between groups) is not within the scope of this course. This course is geared toward nonviolence within individuals and between individuals (such as families, workplaces, and classrooms).**

Dates: Saturdays October 23, November 6, November 20
Time: 4pm Central European Time (10am Eastern Standard Time)

Cost: 185 USD
Sliding scale: 155 USD

Register below for either option. 

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