The Decision Session

...for you who are facing a difficult decision

I have been working in intuitive counseling since 2012, doing Akashic Soul readings, energetic clearings, and channeling. After providing hundreds of Soul Sessions, I retired that offering in 2021 and was guided to embrace something new and fresh. I have experimented with combining somatic coaching and energy work (spiritual and somatic professional mentorship and other constellations) in the last three years or so, and it has been successful and enjoyable.


Now I am happy to offer you The Decision Session, which is a 90-minute Zoom call with me, geared toward you who are facing a specific difficult decision. This is high level work that has truly significant value.


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Once you decide to book, you’ll give me a little background information, and during the call we spend about half the time in your Akashic Record working with what your higher guidance has to say about your decision (spoiler alert: there are no “shoulds”), through both channeled message and the clearing of any particular coping mechanisms, energetic inheritances, or other behavioral patterns of yours that are in the way of your being able to easily make this decision. As a clairvoyant and clairsentient person I am able to see what interrupts you from your natural state of agency, clarity, and self-expression.


Roughly the second half of the call is working at the level of physicality, using practices to make visible your embodied, unconscious wisdom that directly relates to the decision you are facing. Using a combination of applied theatre, mindfulness, and movement, we work somatically with the decision itself, and I help you interpret the messages available through your physical expression. 


You have your answer inside you, of course. What I offer is a neutral space in which to work simultaneously "above" conscious awareness and "below" conscious awareness in order for you to discover the answer you seek.


From you: no health related decisions. 

From me: No bullshit, no bypassing. Actionable, practical, and grounded.

349 USD


"Laura's approach was perfect for me. I came with specific questions and a desire to change a dynamic that had been plaguing me for decades. She first illuminated the dynamic from a soul perspective. This blew my mind because now I could see the challenge in context. But we didn't stop with the ‘aha’ and instead explored it in my body. This made all the difference because now I had something to do. I could inhabit this persistent complaint in my life and somehow change the whole story. I could see it, I had agency around changing it ... and then I did. And thanks to this process, I no longer have this problem!"

-David Sewell McCann