“Personal stories, the ones kept under wraps, are burdens better to be lifted into the lightness of expression. Every secret kept is a blockade, a stone stuck in the mouth of a cave of memories, images, convictions, emotions, and surprises. What we keep hidden, we are hiding from.” -Ruth Zaporah



How can we tell stories that we aren’t ready to tell? By telling them with our bodies. 


By interacting with them in space and through shape and image. By mapping their relationship to the body. By making them visible and having them be witnessed by others who are telling their unspeakable stories, too. We translate our stories into somatic symbols that resonate across humanity, across the divide of oppressor and oppressed.


In doing so, we create an opportunity to metabolize the stones of silence that have occupied our mouths. When we introduce movement, creativity, sensation, and presence to a story that we hold in secret, the relationship between self and story is forever changed. We move from passive object to active subject and begin to embody narrative agency.


Let’s feed the field of collective liberation, one unspeakable story at a time.



The material in this workshop is educational and experiential but not psychotherapeutic or intervention-based. I derive much of the material from elements of Theatre of the Oppressed, Social Presencing Theater, and Laban Movement. Please come prepared with a specific story that you aren't ready to tell or that is untellable for whatever reason. We will work with that particular story during the workshop. You will *not* be verbally telling your story to anyone. You will also *not* be acting out your story. Instead we will work with impressions, sensations, and symbols.

**If you are highly dysregulated, if you struggle with chronic dissociation, or if your story is a story of major trauma that could be outside your ability to process or hold the experience, this workshop is not for you.**

Please have paper and pencil and wear clothing you can move in. This workshop will not be recorded for distribution, so you will need to attend live.

Date: May 22

Time: 3pm-5:30pm CET (9am-11:30am ET)

Location: Zoom

Cost: 50 USD

Sliding scale available as needed.


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