Step One: Click generate on the random number generator.
Step Two: Find the corresponding topic below.
1. sewing with thunder and knitting with lightning
2. using hair as a rope
3. growing as tall as a giant
4. having freckles made of mist
5. using a potato chip as a boat
6. getting blown away on a windy day
7. dropping a coin into a deep pool
8. grabbing a fast-moving cloud
9. keeping dirt in your pocket
10. getting lost in an old grove of trees
11. finding a fossil from the future
12. lassoing the sun
13. stuffing a pillow with your dreams
14. finding a cave full of laughter
15. your every step creates a valley
16. each blade of grass is a memory
17. using a mushroom as a microphone
18. a puddle is a portal
19. finding a mirror inside an apple
20. sleeping under a blanket of birdsong
Step Three: Press record and start talking from this prompt for approximately two minutes without planning. Remember: we want it to be weird and awkward and illogical and, you know, we can practice using our voices despite feeling like what we are saying isn't that impressive.