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Welcome to a self-paced online course using vocal practices designed to increase your system's capacity to disobey, interrupt, disrupt, rebel, and create change.

Laura has an incredible ability to help you shift inside. Through what seems like simple voice exercises, she helps bring about insights, healing and expression as you’ve never experienced it before. Thank you for giving me the gift of discovering my voice, me, again. The door is now open for me to take this journey of breaking through the layers to be visible as the authentic and true me.​"

Tanya Lochner

Each week is themed according to an arc of development from beginner to getting more comfortable to breaking down to building up.

speak up



use your voice in new ways
hear and be heard
link your voice to instinct

speak out




embrace your uniqueness
increase capacity for intensity
link your voice to emotion



find your no
say what you really think
link your voice to values

speak to



find interpersonal resonance
channel power into service
link your voice to vision

speak against

Laura has helped me break the spell I’ve lived under for probably hundreds of years, and she has helped me unleash, break open and literally rebirth the essence of my voice. I am blessed and in deep gratitude for I no longer fear speaking. In fact, I’m amazed that I can have so many people listening to what I have to say.

Myriam Llano, founder of  Divine Renewal™

You matter. Your voice matters. Your opinion matters. Your presence matters. Your power matters. To change the system, we must change the patterns inside of it. Emergence comes from disturbance, and we need people who can speak and act in integrity even when it's difficult or scary or easier just to give up. 

I have been teaching voicework as a practice for healing and change since 2016, and I can tell you that I have not found another singular modality that is as effective and powerful.

Here are a few reasons why:

- Your voice is the sound of who you are. It is your acoustic identity. This means that working with the voice is an instantly intimate and concentrated act.

- Voicework practices (and songs) have a start and end. This means that a container is created for you as you practice.


- Sound waves from your voice penetrate your own body at a cellular level, as well those of witnesses. Voicework operates at multiple, unseen levels.


- Singing is theorized to be how early humans defined groups too large to groom, which means that your voice is primed to hold the key to belonging - and as such the wounds of rejection, abandonment, and judgment. The voice is a potent area that both reveals and tends to those wounds.

How does it work?

This course contains four classes with roughly 90 minutes of video content each, as well as homework assignments and video assignments for you to record and send me via email.

The process is simple and low-stress. I send you the first class, and you complete it according to your own schedule. After you've sent me your video assignments, we set up a time to meet on Zoom. In our private session, I give you feedback on your videos, and we discuss what happened for you during the exercises in the material, as well as how your reactions relate to wider themes in your work and life.

After that, you receive your second class, and the process repeats. At the end, you will have completed four classes and four Zoom calls with me.

 Through Laura's loving and empowering guidance, a new-found liberation was unlocked inside me. I highly recommend working with Laura if you are looking to unlock your voice and message to share with the world. If you already found your voice, I believe she can help you soar even higher.

Janet-Lee Ropas

Voicework for Disobedience is perfect for those of you who:


  • long for more social and relational courage to create who you are and how you feel

  • want to feel more comfortable speaking to groups or on video

  • struggle to share your opinion or interrupt actions that violate your values

  • find yourself agreeing when you want to disagree

  • get caught up in the fight (or the freeze) and can't seem to align your external expression with your internal passion

  • know you are here for big things and feel that there is something waiting to be made manifest behind the closed doors of your voice

  • have no experience with voicework or have lots of experience with voicework

This course offers you an opportunity to rehearse and practice brand new ways of using your voice. Dishabituation is the first step in change. We must shake loose our habits and demechanize our way of being in order to discover what is possible. Next, we create new neural pathways by doing this work in the context of safety, pleasure, and play. We begin to link disobedience with fun and acceptance. Ideally, our systems begin to reorient from threat to stability inside the container of this course. (Now, one course can only do so much. However, I do give you the tools to continue this work long after the class ends.) Finally, by dishabituating and reorienting, we arrive at building the capacity and resourcing we need to use our voices to reject that which runs counter to our values and create the world we want to see.

Not only did we get a wide range of exercises, the reasoning behind them and much of the other wisdom shared was so vast. I was really blown away by how I could relate parts of my voice or vocal history to big imbalances in my life. I started the course barely able to record a simple introductory "who am I," and by the end I was singing songs I had written myself (whaaaat?!). It is potent yet gentle work, and we were in wonderful hands!

Tiffany Heon

The cost of this course is 500 USD with the option of two payments of 260 USD. 
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