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Thursdays in October

an online class

Ways of Unknowing

a workshop-spell to counter:

  • I have to know to act.

  • I have to know to have a voice.

  • Change comes from the known spaces.

  • Perfection is desirable.

  • Failure is a reflection of character.

  • Knowledge is superior to experience.

  • Intelligence keeps me safe and accepted.

  • Knowing makes me good.

We know the smart you, the good you, the right you. Now we want something awkward, something new.

Join me in an experiential and shared exploration of Ways of Unknowing, discovered and created via somatic practice, movement metaphor, gesture, play, improvisation, and the tools of both Theatre of the Oppressed and Social Presencing Theater. If you feel the calling to drop the heavy mantle of perfection, intelligence, superior understanding, and already-knowing-more-and-better in favor of fumbling around, failing, and figuring it out as you go, this is the space for you. If you get that big change requires a willingness to move beyond what is already known, come on over. If you want to strengthen the neural pathways that link together awkwardness and acceptance, I got you. If you long to declare with your full presence and awareness that you are worthy to live, breathe, speak, and interact just as you are, knowing no more than you know, please come stand alongside us. You are welcome here because you are needed out there.


Thursdays in October

7pm-8pm Central European Time (time zone converter)

20 USD per class