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Calling all rascals, rebels, mystics, and makers of mistakes!

Want to work with me? Awesome!

I am currently taking new and returning online private clients. Sessions are typically booked in packages of six one-hour packages, held every two weeks. Special arrangements can be made, depending on availability. These sessions are customized to your specific needs and goals, and I draw from a wide variety of applied theatre practices and healing modalities, including neurodevelopmental movement, intuitive work, a blend of performing, expressive, and somatic arts such as mask, voicework, puppetry, improvisation, clown, fool, somatic inquiry, and change-based liberatory influences from Social Presencing Theater, Theatre of the Oppressed, and Theatre for Living. 

My approach upholds the fact that you are not broken, unhealed, nor contaminated by "negative" thoughts, experiences, or behaviors. My work invites you into new ways of being via an expansion of self rather than a distillation of self. My clients come to me for things like:

- releasing an over-identification with the edited self

- increased meaning and openness to enchantment

- downgrading their system's emphasis on information and cognition as survival strategies

- longing for authentic playfulness and silliness

- a desire to weave creativity back into personal and/or professional life

- conflict fluency

- increased personal and relational agency

- investigation of personal depth

- wanting to feel that sparkly freedom of being truly alive

- discovery, encouragement, and witnessing of their uniqueness

- an ability to engage in disruption and change without sacrificing integrity or resorting to oppressive tactics


The crux of all my work is this: dishabituation via novelty and spontaneity, inquiry via creative and somatic metaphor, concretization through image and form, hope through embodied agency, and safe connection via supportive and nonjudgmental witnessing. We go where the work leads us.


Here is a list of my training.


You can think of these sessions as containers of discovery, insight, and rehearsal - or, as one client put it, "your practices encapsulate dynamics into condensed actions." These distilled, relational (relationship to self, other, environment) practices are a laboratory of exploration that yields applicable reflections back to the rest of life, rewiring neural pathways of habitual patterns of relating and offering a framework of metaphor that lingers in the unconscious and continues its work underground.

Oh, and I do assign homework! You gotta take it out of the container into the world, bit by bit.

You are welcome to book a time to discuss our options for working together. (If no listed times work for you, just send me a message.) Price for six sessions is 1080 USD. Payment plan available, as well as limited sliding scale space. 

Plus, current (full-price) private clients attend all my events and courses at half price!

Laura Geiger therapeutic applied theatre therapy practitioner

June Morrow

Laura's course has changed my life. Parts of me that were asleep or dormant have been awakened, old emotions are being cleared, and I am now safe to express things that I've held inside.

Past Participant

There was magic for me. The profundity and poetry and power in what Laura sees and calls forth brings an expansiveness and an immersion and a magic all of its own.

Myriam Llano,
Divine Renewal™

Laura helped me break the spell I’ve lived under for probably hundreds of years, and she has helped me unleash, break open and literally rebirth the essence of my voice.

Shahad Altukhaim

Working with Laura reconnected me to the magical intuitive being I am. I felt trust and joy more than I ever did before in my life. It felt like going back; a return to my soul. 

Lars Möller

Laura created a space that had so much acceptance so I could move some deeply held emotions and through it all, I felt her hold me. It is not often I meet course leaders like her.

Laura Geiger
Restorative Storytelling
Tan.Baafi Lab
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario
Toronto District School Board Arts
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Worldwide Colors of Felt
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