Somatic Sessions

In Somatic Sessions, we use body consciousness to reveal well-worn patterns and stuckness (learning from the body), and we use body consciousness to create new neural pathways and somatic memories of the "unstuckness," or preferred ways of experiencing and behaving (teaching the body).


Using space, shape, and movement, I work with people to make visible what is invisible, demechanize rote behaviors, and reorient the nervous system toward connection rather than protection. I help in the cultivation of presence, conflict fluency, boundaries, pleasure, empathy, creativity, and spontaneity by creating a kind of embodied rehearsal space that we explore together. Depending on need, I include foundational work like reflex integration and neurodevelopmental repatterning.


I work in overlap: spirit and matter, art and science, personal and collective, metaphor and literality, liminality and groundedness, acceptance and change, safety and risk.

A Somatic Session is 60 minutes long and can include many different techniques and practices: improvisation, play, voicework, somatic movement, mindfulness, Theatre of the Oppressed, Social Presencing Theater, neurodevelopmental movement, co-regulation education, tools to manage stress physiology, embodied rhythm, and more.

These private sessions are open to individuals, couples, families, and even business/social collaborators. When working in the context of relationship, the focus is the same: cultivate safety, reveal hidden dynamics through the body, and create an embodied rehearsal for resonance, connection, conflict fluency, and shared presence without perpetuating the dynamics of oppression. 

Online Somatic Sessions are available for booking via the button below.

If you would like to book sessions in person in Österlen/Skåne, please contact to arrange.


Soul Sessions

In a Soul Session, I use claircognizance and clairsentience to translate energetic information from you, your Akashic Record, and your Spirit Guide team into concepts we can comprehend in the physical.. You receive a full energetic clearing of your current soul-level obstacles to self-expression, unconditionality, and intuitive connection, as well as an in-depth reading of the higher, deeper perspective on your current life situation.


Together we access the energetic root of your issue by bringing to conscious awareness the specific behavioral patterns, belief systems, coping mechanisms, genetic inheritances, negative self-talk, and toxic relationships that have contributed to your current circumstances. I remotely tune into your Higher Guidance and not only clear what you are ready to release but discuss with you in detail how to take advantage of the energetic clean slate by changing your patterns and habits.

Soul Sessions also include approximately an hour of my time before our call, an 80-minute jam-packed Zoom call (and voice recording if technology is on our side), a customized 21-day prayer practice, a family tree graph of your main energetic inheritances from each of your grandparents, information on the ancestor who is currently working with you the most intensely, a Soul-level Love Letter pdf that details all the unchanging aspects of your spiritual gifting and specific energies you are here to promote, and opportunities for continued follow-up clarification via email.

A Soul Session for couples examines how your gifts overlap and align, clarify how you relate to each other at soul-level, and clear any blocks that exist between you or that affect your ability to be in healthy relationship together.


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