Private Sessions

Welcome to my practice.

Private sessions are for changemakers who are struggling with one or more of these particular areas: conflict fluency, personal/interpersonal agency, disobedience, failure, nonviolence, authentic playfulness, doing-less-trusting-more, and knowing-less-being-more. I welcome liberation seekers who seek to liberate others.

My body of work includes a ridiculously broad list of modalities, approaches, and angles, stitched into unique existence by my own experience (wisdom most often gained via acute humbling), the experiences of and feedback from hundreds of clients over the last decade, and some unknown but most welcome quantity that allows me to recognize consonance among the disparate. 

This ridiculous list includes:

-clown, bouffon, fool

-improv, role play, mask, myth reenactment

-somatics, dance, metaphorical movement

-neurodevelopmental repatterning, primitive reflex integration

-channeling, Akashic access, spiritual practice

-voicework, democratizing creative arts

-change-based liberatory influences from Social Presencing Theater, Theatre of the Oppressed, and Theatre for Living

Sessions with me are a custom blend of practices based on who you are, where you are, and where you want to be. My approach upholds the fact that you are not broken, unhealed, nor contaminated by "negative" thoughts, experiences, or behaviors. My work invites you into new ways of being via an expansion of self rather than a distillation of self. I speak in the language of demechanization, dishabituation, novelty, spontaneity, rhythm, emptiness, and fun.

Now, I do have two conditions of eligibility. One is that you must be ready. What I mean is that you must be able show up on time, be dressed and out of bed, remember our appointment times, and commit to doing the work and homework. You must also be able to take responsibility for your own resourcing outside of our sessions. 

The other condition is that I do not accept any private clients who are in the beginning stages of trauma recovery, experience high levels of dysregulation, or struggle with chronic dissociation. My work would not be suitable for your situation.

What people say:

“Many things I have been trying to do and let go of for YEARS are just solving themselves because of the sessions with you. It has been life changing. I have felt SO grounded and at home in my body. What has been really important is learning that my body isn't wrong or broken. I am so grateful for it hanging in there with me, and I see that it always works in my favour to take care of me and protect me.”

-Amanda Sjögren, private client

Private sessions are booked in packages of four.
The cost is 720 USD; payment plan available.

For questions, please contact me!

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