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Clown for Personal Growth Empowerment Laura Geiger

Clown for People Pleasers

There is no part of us that functions in isolation. Personal and collective suffering thrive on a destructive cocktail of individualism, intellectualism, and independence. We have elevated the self and cognition above all else. The cellular is inseparable from the personal, which is inseparable from the interpersonal, which is inseparable from the collective, which is inseparable from the planetary, which is inseparable from the universal, which is inseparable from Source, which is inseparable from the cellular. You are an infinite nesting doll of patterns of living relationship. You are part of a network, and you are the network. This is relational ecology.


To change the structures around us, we must alter the patterns between us. To create a healthy relational ecology, we must decentralize the self, demechanize and dishabituate our ways of being, develop presence in a world wired for absence, feed our communities with the primal language of humanity, and expand baseline nervous system capacity for safe relational connection.

By using applied theatre and interpersonal somatics, I tend the soil of our interconnectedness and teach people the skills needed to build healthy relational ecologies inside themselves, as well as in their homes, schools, workplaces, and communities. 

Laura Geiger clown

methods and practices

  • liberatory theatre practices

  • interpersonal somatics

  • play

  • neurosensory integration

  • improvisation

  • mask work

  • countermapping

  • clowning

  • movement and dance

  • voicework

  • rehearsal

  • ritual

  • metaphor

  • mythic distance

  • story

  • rhythm

Laura Geiger clown

themes and skills

  • demechanization

  • presence

  • change/emergence

  • conflict fluency

  • sensitivity to the social field

  • novelty and predictability

  • decolonizing time/space/place

  • decentralizing the self

  • unknowing

  • liberation

  • risk and safety

  • agency

  • value to the undervalued

  • awkwardness

  • interdependence

  • passive object to active subject

  • dishabituation

  • nonviolence

  • disobedience

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