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The Short One

Laura Geiger is an applied theatre practitioner, teacher, and artist tending the social soil to create peace, change, and connection. She offers tools from interpersonal somatics, movement arts, creative drama, and applied neuroscience to change the patterns within structures of oppression and help us occupy our concentric bodies of connection from the cell to the soul to the source and back again. Laura is an American who lives and works in Sweden.

The Long One

With degrees in sociology and psychosocial health intervention, Laura Geiger began her career working with at-risk populations including wish granting for terminally-ill children, theatre production with street youth, bedside companionship for hospice patients, and life skill instruction to adults in foster care. She wrote a public health theatre program for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada that was performed in thirty secondary schools in Toronto, and she was head of research (and occasional guest) on an international television program. Laura founded and edited a counter-culture parenting website recommended by Apartment Therapy and voted top online parenting resource by Life Learning magazine. Her paintings and textile works have appeared in numerous print books, juried exhibitions, retail stores, and a meditation deck. Laura is also a published songwriter and has performed in folk groups, gospel and classical choirs, and musical theatre productions. She taught art at a Montessori elementary school, translated a series of children's mindfulness books, and led the first active Attachment Parenting group in Toronto. For over a decade, Laura facilitated expressive arts, led sacred circle and ceremony, offered Akashic Record readings, taught intuitive development, and coached vocal self-expression in a modality she created called Conscious Voicework®. 

Laura studied applied neuroscience and therapeutic movement in Sweden and in the Netherlands, including primitive reflex integration (with both MNRI and RMTi L1/2), neurosensorimotor therapy, neurodevelopmental repatterning, neuroscience of embodied collaboration, dance for neurodegenerative disease, and movement for dementia prevention. She is also a Certified Autism Movement Therapist® and a certified practitioner of the Safe and Sound Protocol. Laura has studied Violence Prevention through Movement and De-escalating Potentially Violent Situations™. She completed coursework in Polyvagal-informed sexual trauma, birth trauma, ecopsychology, eco art therapy, processwork, Laban efforts, dance/movement therapy, expressive movement, Feldenkrais for actors, and Linklater voicework. Laura has had the pleasure of learning directly from field leaders such as Frankie Armstrong (natural voicework), Eric Davis, (bouffon), Michael J. Cohen (Project NatureConnect), Jiwon Chung (Theatre of the Oppressed), Arawana Hayashi (Social Presencing Theater), David Diamond (Theatre for Living), and Dale Le Fevre (New Games Foundation). 


Laura has worked privately with many hundreds of people, both in-person and online.

Here are some of her past group events and courses:

Ways of Unknowing

Somatic Nonviolence

Mark-making and Movement

Parent-Teenager Somatic Movement

Embodied Disobedience for Change

Somatic Date Night

Dance of the Radicals: Valuing the Undervalued
Play What You Can play class
Create-Consume Challenge
Polyvagal Parenting
Polyvagal Partnership
The Polyvagal Orgasm
Grounded in Love: somatic work for couples
Movement for the Nervous System
Movement for Anxiety
Movement for Anxiety: Kid Edition

Ecstatic Dance Women’s Circle
Family Move
Vuxenlek (Adult Play)
Intuitive Development Circle for Women
Sacred Voicework for Women
Soul-based Singing
Embodied Voicework for Girls
Conscious Singing for Men
Österlen New Moon Women’s Circle series
Intuitive Painting
Intuitive Drawing Divination
Lay Down Your Weapon: collage for self-love
Women’s Singing Meditation
The Throat Chakra Jumpstart
Conscious Visibility Challenge
Sacred Art of Motherhood


Beach Balls

The Poetic One

I was born in the smiling mouth, in the little sister, in the station wagon and AM radio. I was born in the snowy mountain military and reborn in the heat of the three rivers. I was born dancing the Shag on Sundays. I was born wrapped in macramé and corduroy. Once I was born a jelly bean, round and sweet and small, until I was mistaken for a blueberry by a hungry bear and disappeared for a long time. I was born the neck of a Martin guitar strummed on a back porch lit with cigarettes that float their smoke straight out to a dark marsh. I was born best friends with quartz and mica. I was born a baptismal font, splish-sploshing my prayers onto the tile below. I was born my favorite tree in my favorite woods just hidden off the bike path. I was born at the moment you were born. And we were both born to burn.