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I'm Laura Geiger, a therapeutic theatre practitioner, artist, and self-appointed apprentice to the Fool. I’m an American living and working in Sweden by way of eleven years in Canada and one very special year in France. My work is a love letter to hope, a bow to mystery, a salute to play, and a psalm to the unthought known. 

I have created and facilitated fifteen unique educational courses and more than seventy-five live workshops and trainings, as well as hundreds of private sessions with individuals and couples from around the globe, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Jordan, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, and the United States.

My work is inspired by Cariad Astles, David Diamond, Augusto Boal, Lois Holzman and Fred Newman, Fluxus, The Keeneys, Sue Buckmaster, Cecil Collins, Arawana Hayashi, Gaston Bachelard, Phil Smith, and many, many others.

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A little background

With degrees in sociology and community health, I began my career working with at-risk populations including wish granting for terminally-ill children, theatre production with street youth, bedside companionship for hospice patients, and life skill instruction to adults in foster care. I wrote a public health theatre program for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada that was performed in thirty secondary schools in Toronto, and I was head of research and occasional guest on an international talk television program. I founded and edited a counter-culture parenting website recommended by Apartment Therapy and voted top online parenting resource by Life Learning magazine.


My paintings and textile works have appeared in numerous print books, juried exhibitions, retail stores, and a meditation deck. I am also a published songwriter and have performed in folk groups, gospel and classical choirs, as well as musical theatre productions. I taught art at a Montessori elementary school, translated a series of children's mindfulness books, and led the first active Attachment Parenting group in Toronto. For over a decade, I facilitated expressive arts, led sacred circle and ceremony, offered Akashic Record readings, taught intuitive development, and coached vocal self-expression in a modality I created called Conscious Voicework®. 


Since 2020, I have concentrated on combining performance, somatics, and activism to make spaces for all of us to create ourselves as cultural sites of resistance - for us to perform disobedience together.


Bachelor of Arts, sociology, University of Georgia

PgDip, community-based health promotion, Centennial College

Diploma, puppet therapy, Muñecoterapia Chile

Applied ecopsychology, Project Nature Connect

International Class, East Side Inst. for Group & Short Term Psychotherapy

Training and certification

Training, Movement/Voice and Somatics

Neurodevelopmental movement therapy, RMTi, levels i/ii

Neurosensorimotor reflex integration, MNRI® Method

Movement for dementia, Hanna Poikonen

Certified Autism Movement Therapist®, Joanne Lara

Expressive movement and dance, Centre for Creative Arts Therapy

Neuroscience of embodied collaboration, WiseMotion Method

Embodied anatomy, Michael Hamm

Feldenkrais movement and Linklater voicework, Actors Academy Finland

Natural Voicework, Frankie Armstrong

Dance for neurodegenerative disease, WiseMotion Method

Rhythmic balance/auditory/visual exercises for brain-body integration, Bal-A-Vis-X

Tuning Board, Darrell Sanchez

Emotional release bodywork, School of Holistic Therapy


Training, Theatre and Applied Theatre

Puppetry, Gary Friedman

Therapeutic Puppetry, Children's Therapy Centre

Teacher of mask, The Clown School

Theatre of the Oppressed, Jiwon Chung

Social Presencing Theater, Arawana Hayashi

Theatre for Living seminar intensive, David Diamond

Interactive social theatre, Uri Noy Meir

In-Balance Method, Mariana Araoz

Bouffon, Eric Davis

Feminist Bouffon, Robyn Hambrook/Deborah Antoinette Ward

Fool, Jonathan Kay

Art of the Clown, Misha Usov

Clown, Escola de Clown

Clown fundamentals, Don Colliver


Training, Trauma

Certified practitioner, Safe and Sound Protocol

Grief Literacy, Being Here, Human

​Violence prevention through movement, Kornblum

De-escalating Potentially Violent Situations™, Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute

Polyvagal-informed sexual trauma coursework, Indiana University

The Vector of Violence, Ana Rhodes

Embodied Anger, Jane Clapp

Nervous System Somatics, Irene Lyon

Birth trauma repatterning, Annie Brook

Trauma-informed birth, CBI


Training, Spiritual/Intuitive

Energy reading and channeling, Johnson

Intuitive counseling & Akashic clearing, Hess

Sacred circle leadership, Sora No

Cosmic Mass facilitation, Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality

The Mythic Imagination, Sharon Blackie

Original Goodness, Matthew Fox



The How of Performance Activism, East Side Institute

Eco art therapy, Project Nature Connect

Hospice care and end-of-life support, multiple organizations

Primal Play, Darryl Edwards

New games, Dale LeFevre

Laughter therapy, Jones

Microbiome and epigenetics, Harman

Selection of past offerings

A Fool’s Retreat: Walk Off the Cliff
The Ensemble
Club Nervous
Intro to Deep Puppetry: Anti-Oppression and Applied Animism
Fool Levels 1 and 2
Fooling as Spirit-Somatic Practice
Voicework for Disobedience
Camp Failure
Clown for People Pleasers
Conflict Theatre
Ways of Unknowing
Somatic Nonviolence 
Mark-making and Movement
Parent-Teenager Somatic Movement
101 Ways to Break a Rule: Embodied Disobedience for Change
Somatic Date Night
Dance of the Radicals: Valuing the Undervalued 
Play What You Can: play class for adults
Create-Consume Challenge
Polyvagal Parenting
Polyvagal Partnership
The Polyvagal Orgasm
Grounded in Love: somatic work for couples
Movement for the Nervous System series
Movement for Anxiety
Movement for Anxiety: Kid Edition
Ecstatic Dance Women’s Circle
Family Move
Vuxenlek (Adult Play)
Intuitive Development Circle for Women
Sacred Voicework for Women
Soul-based Singing
Embodied Voicework for Girls
Conscious Singing for Men
Österlen New Moon Women’s Circle series
Intuitive Painting
Intuitive Drawing Divination
Lay Down Your Weapon: collage for self-love
Women’s Singing Meditation
The Throat Chakra Jumpstart
Conscious Visibility Challenge
Sacred Art of Motherhood

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