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Work with me 1:1 online

My big announcement is that Akashic readings are back! I stopped doing them three years ago, and I still receive frequent requests from former and potential clients. (Love y'all for that - and for your enthusiastic referrals! Thank you.)

In a Soul Session, I use claircognizance, clairsentience, and channeling to translate energetic information from you, your Akashic Record, and your Spirit Guide team into concepts we can comprehend in the physical. You receive an energetic clearing of the current soul-level obstacles to experiencing your place in the world as the compassionate, creative, intuitive, passionate, interdependent person you are, as well as an in-depth reading of the higher, deeper perspective on your ongoing life situation.
Together we access the energetic root of your issue by bringing to conscious awareness behavioral patterns, belief systems, coping mechanisms, genetic inheritances, negative self-talk, and imbalanced relationships that have contributed to your current circumstances. I tune into your Higher Guidance and clear not only what you are ready to release but discuss with you in detail how to take advantage of the energetic clean slate by changing your patterns and habits. Toward that end, I highly recommend booking follow-up sessions so that I can support you with specific creative, somatic, and relational practices. 

A Soul Session also includes three documents: a Soul-Level Love Letter pdf that details aspects of your spiritual gifting and specific energies you are here to promote, a prayer practice, and a family tree graph of your main energetic inheritances from each of your grandparents.

Soul Sessions typically validate, comfort, inspire, and provide loads of clarity. It’s an honor to return to this work. 


If you are not interested in a Soul Session and want to explore other ways of working together 1:1, let's do it! These are typically booked in packages of five weekly sessions.


I offer a custom approach to move from formed self to performed self and in so doing, discovering agency, flexibility, possibility, and your own becoming. Learn to befriend self-consciousness, increase your capacity for solidarity and connection, restore your poetic imagination, and resensitize to life, beauty, and enchantment.

We use applied practices from performing arts like improvisation, fooling, clown, Theatre of the Oppressed, and Social Presencing Theater, as well as somatic inquiry, relational work, and curious conversation. Plus you’ll have homework practices to try out on your own. It’s weird and fun and different and hopeful and freeing.


"I thought I knew myself. However, working with Laura has taken me to levels of understanding of myself that I would not have imagined ever! The Soul Session left me in awe, and it gave me answers about why I felt outside of this world and silently, without judgment, challenged me to be an even better version of me. Once I started working with Laura, everything accelerated! Laura’s ability to access information from the Akashic Records is eerily accurate and profound. She genuinely cares and takes an active interest in her clients. Her energy is authentic, clean, and kind."

-Andrea Staples

“THE JOY, THE LIGHT, THE TRUTH, and THE LOVE Laura conveys through her gift! And the grace with which she presents it to the world! There is a sense of inner knowing present in me now that was not there before, and it has helped me be more at peace within myself. I am no longer wondering about certain aspects of who I am, where I come from, and why I am here in this body, at this time on Earth. Laura is the REAL DEAL!!”

-Lisa Simone

"Laura received the clear message that I was to sing a song called Motherless Child. I really felt the words healing me and decided to build an album around this song. The response at live shows and from radio was amazing. This information helped me release emotions that had been repressed for years and helped me heal myself and others on a deep level. It also helped bring my mother closer to me. I am very grateful."
-Lily Frost

"The soul reading process was so profoundly important. I really feel that this is one of those defining turning points in life. I have done quite a lot of inner work during the last few years, but it hasn't reached the conscious level. I have not understood what is happening, and how and why. Now, even though it might not be radically new areas that came up, they came up from a new angle. And I understood new things, about myself, my process, and life. I actually started to remember things from the past lifetime and a lot of other issues and memories are also surfacing. I began to work through the issues - to understand, forgive, release. This is so huge, and I am soooo grateful! I LOVE the prayer - it contains so much, and it is so powerful! I got tears in my eyes and goosebumps the first time I read it. I'm so glad I did this! Thank you Laura!


“From having a soul reading, I gained a broader understanding of human experience as it relates to energy and the spiritual universe, an acceptance of mystery as part of a bigger logic, a learning and awareness of perpetual one-ness with all at all times, and a closer relationship with Source. I feel better about who I am as a being. The transformation prayer was an incredible experience and practice that continues to resonate. Laura genuinely cares and connects. She’s a messenger, not a self-proclaimed messiah who can eliminate people having to do their own work. I would recommend her to my friends in the midst of hard times, for guidance and support.”   

-Seth Campbell

“Thank you again so much for the Soul Session. It impacted me a lot and has been interesting to observe some changes in my life over the last few months. Just having it brought to my awareness enabled me to recognize and release those self-worth thoughts when they came. I've also noticed a shift in my health and energy levels. Even my acupuncturist was shocked by my improvement after our session!”

-Christine Kindler

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